My background as a Holistic therapist started with training in Reflexology 20 years ago, developing my skill-set and toolbox since then I have run a private practice working with clients of all ages since 1997.  My particular passion is with CranioSacral Therapy and Somato Emotional Release(SER) I started training in 2001 and qualified CST-T with the Upledger Institute in 2005, continuing my advanced training with the Brain speaks and bio-aquatic program.  Also being co and Lead therapist for Intensive programs including Paediatrics in Ireland.

Please see individual pages for in depth information on particular Therapies that I offer.

Generally an appointment lasts 50 minutes to One hour, the first appointment allow 1 hour 15 minutes as we will be completing consultation forms. It may be recommended that you attend 3 appointments consecutively over 3 weeks and then I prefer to discuss the following treatment plan and frequency with the client as many factors are taken into account including  the response to the particular therapeutic model offered.

I work with Mother’s during and after pregnancy.  Newborn babies and children of any age. Using CST and Reflexology. Clients with back Pain and old injuries. Clients with stress and Depression. Clients wishing to move through particular blocks or limitations in their life.  Helping to Navigate through change.

I offer Reiki healing sessions and training.

Metamorphic technique.

Healing the wounds of life individual journeys aswell as group workshops.

And can offer one to one Kundalini Yoga sessions for many reasons; here are some of the reasons clients have come;

Starting a meditation practice.budha chakras

Focusing on Recovery from addictions.

Improving well-being, through yogic lifestyle, diet and meditations to support healing.

Improving Health and thriving during illness .

Back Care and strengthening.

Learning to Flourish and not just survive.


I am developing my skills and deepening my meditation practice further since training in the Healing art of Kundalini Yoga, Sat Nam Rasayan of which I am a qualified Practitioner and continue to train with the master teachers in Ireland and in Europe, most recently attending the retreat with Guru Dev Singh in Perugia December 2012.

I offer one to one and distant Healing sessions with Sat Nam Rasayan.


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