Healing The Wounds of Life- Self Worth Workshops

Healing… Deeper.

In life, everyone is wounded. It is part of growing up. These wounds affect us on a deep unconscious level and determine often the patterns from where we live. Imagine what it would be like to live free from this determination, free from the old pain, reconnected to our deepest core of being of which we have been cut off in order to protect.

In the Healing the Wounds of Life Workshops a sacred and safe space is opened in which we can get in touch with the core of our wounds, on the unconscious level and where we can heal them. In healing these wounds we become whole again, more conscious of the choices we have and make in life. It brings us in touch with what our soul is longing for; it makes us conscious and free to love ourself profoundly. It opens our heart and makes us ready to serve and serve more.

In the workshop Kundalini yoga techniques are used and the grace of Guru Ram Das is called upon. 
The workshop is not a therapy; it is a step on our path of consciousness.

Tools and Techniquesyoga journey

In the Self Worth Workshop, we will develop tools and techniques based on Kundalini Yoga to deal with:
• Feelings of self-doubt and “not good enough”
• Questioning whether you have something to offer that could contribute to or be an example to others
• Seeing a clear goal or vision for your life but fearing that you will not be able to manifest it,
• Comparing yourself with others and their achievements
• Competition
• Basing your self-worth on achievements

The Process

In this workshop, you will be able to:trust the process
• Acknowledge the wounds and scars you have received to your sense of self
• Identify the resulting impact on your life
• Become clear on what negative self images you are carrying
• Release these negative self-images

You will leave with a:

• Clear vision of yourself as a healthy worthy human being
• Regular daily practice to help maintain that image
• A community through which to give and receive support

Next Workshop will be held at The Flourish Centre, Westport  November 1-3rd 2013.

Limited places available so register your interest and book your place as ASAP.,

Friday eve 7-9.30pm

Saturday 10am-8.30pm. Vegetarian Light Lunch and dinner provided.

Sunday 10am-4pm. Vegetarian Light Lunch provided.

Aquarian Sadhana Early morning practice will be offered on Sunday morning 6am-8.30am.

Investment 250euro

100eu deposit required to hold space.

087 2462591 to book.

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