Flourish Centre on the Move

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Flourish Centre Westport is blossoming and expanding!

We are moving up the road so still in the gentle rolling hills of Derrygorman Westport.

From September 20th ..we will resume Kundalini Yoga and Gong classes , Tuesday mornings 10.15 and evening 8.15pm.

Conscious Pregnancy Kundalini yoga class Tuesday at 6.30pm.

Speciality Kundalini yoga classes Thursday evenings beginning with self care classes for therapists, Intuitives, Empaths and HSP’s. And for any sensitive soul dealing with stress and anxiety in these changing times.

Workshops are soon to be announced for the Autumn term with residential option, for those travelling and those wishing to deepen the immersive experience.

Workshops to Include ;

Kundalini Yoga and self care for Therapists .

Kundalini  Yoga and nutrition with Fiona Moran chef and nutritional therapist

Kundalini Yoga rebirthing

Thrive workshops

New years retreat and renew and re-vision

We are setting down roots in Westport for Jivan Mukta Academy of Kundalini Yoga Teacher training; Kundalini Yoga West , and a permanent training venue for Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with residential options. Next training in Westport starts March 2017.

Community Sadhana or early morning practise will be offered regularly and led by local Kundalini yoga teachers. A shared space to meet, practise and meditate together. And connect with like minded souls over a cup of yogi tea afterwards.

CranioSacral Therapy for Babies and children of all ages (adults also) will still be available treatments by appointment with Joanna.

Joanna works with Upledger Institute Ireland as a Study group facilitator for Therapists in training. These Students and also newly qualified Therapists  often come to work alongside Joanna in her clinic so Multi therapist/hands sessions will be regularly available.

And I hope to introduce Family Therapy days, were the family group comes along for a treatment session a qualified therapist will lead the treatment with a group of newly qualified therapists and therapist in training.

Therapist self care retreats will also be offered, the first one is planned for October for Qualified CranioSacral therapists and will be a nurturing retreat with Kundalini Yoga and Gong meditation sessions , Nutritious food and multi hands treatment sharing . A chance to recharge and reconnect.

I look forward to welcoming you to this nurturing Soul Space in the near future.

Meanwhile stay in touch and sign up to the blogpost for updates.

Sat Nam Joanna Guru Sahai Kaur


New Year , New classses, Release, Relax and Renew

gong sound healing, Kundalini Yoga, Teacher training, timetables yoga autumn

mantra heart

Sat Nam ,  what does this New year bring?

Have you made resolutions that you have heard yourself making before? Have you made resolutions in expectation that they too will fail? Have you decided not to make any resolutions based on past experience, Sound in any way familiar?

Well perhaps we can resolve to find a new way of actively involving our breath and bodies as well as positive and negative polarities of mind to access our neutral mind , once the neutral mind is enthroned and embodied and experienced then we have access to our best versions of ourselves that can’t easily be shaken to act out of limiting habits in response to the emotion and commotion of daily life happenings.

In the experience of the neutral mind we begin to remember ourselves our Sat Nam , the truth of our identity and release more of this true nature into our being and our decisions and also our  actions . So that they start to reflect our true self without effort.o

The effort comes in our maintaining this neutral mind ,  through the use of Kundalini Yoga,  Pranayama and Kriyas ,Mudra and Meditations with or without Chanting we start to rewire new pathways in our physiology our energetic and nervous system, through the ten bodies to the embodiment of the neutral mind and the essence of our self.

Our classes and workshops this term will focus on relaxing, releasing and renewing these pathways. You just need to commit to turn up and participate in the classes and workshops offered. Experience the tools and techniques and choose from this experience to Build your home practice so that this experience  is truly imbedded and embodied.

So lets start with the class options available from week beginning 11th January.

12th  Tuesdays

10.30-12  Kundalini Yoga all

8.15-9.45 KY all

Thursdays now start January 21st


7-8.30 Beginners

All classes 10 weeks commitment Cost 120euro


Workshops 10-1pm 35euro or 100 when book all 3.

24th Jan Relax

13th Feb Release

12th March Renew

All workshops include Live Gong healing sound

Coming soon

Monthly  Gong meditation class

Kundalini Yoga Teacher training with Jivan Mukta academy in  Dublin or Kilkenny starts January 2016 see http://www.wellwithin.ie for full details and registration

Kundalini Yoga Teacher training  In  Westport with Jivan Mukta Academy starts April 2016 details online soon!

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in Gratitude

Joanna Guru Sahai