Impacting Children: CranioSacral Therapy and Paediatrics


I have just spent an Inspiring weekend as a T/A Assistant on the Upledger Institute Ireland’s course for Paediatrics, this teaches the student therapists in training to work with Children and teenagers.
The Training format has changed since I was a student 10 years ago and includes so much more material on the sensory challenges and Impacts that some children are living with and also reminders that we treat every individual as we find them no matter how young or old these children are, we are taking the lead from their Inner physician.
It definitely has renewed my passion for working with CranioSacral Therapy and Children. And I also had the grace to meet so many dedicated future therapists and fabulous parents and children that came along to be treated within this learning environment.
Got to Hang out with my fellow Assistants Patricia Mahon-East Clare, Gillian Lee Cork City and Anne Cronin Middleton, Cork and Ger swords and Mary Brady the dedicated and passionate Upledger institute Ireland Directors and Huge Inspiration the Course Facilitator Carol Mclellan a Generous and Inspiring therapist and Teacher. Thankyou to my Upledger Familly!!
Here is a link to an article by Carol through the Upledger Institute.

Impacting Children: CranioSacral Therapy and Paediatrics by Carol McLellan.

Anne Cronin was also a Guest speaker on CranioSacral therapy at the conference at the Burlington Hotel on Saturday- “Beyond Limits and Labels. A New Approach to Children with Additional Needs” organised by the Child development centre in Galway

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